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Lyra Ferby pencil extender

I’ve written before about the Lyra Ferby. I think it’s a great pencil that deserves more recognition. For a start, the artists who enjoy the Koh-I-Noor Triograph should give the Ferby a try.

But there has been a problem with the Ferby – as a short pencil, it won’t remain usable after a dozen […]

The (in)convenience of online ordering

I’m often asked how to “order” a pencil or stationery item featured on my blog. Though online ordering can appear to be a great convenience, sometimes that’s not the case. We may simply be postponing our inconvenience.

The photo shows a Canada Post “Final Notice” – more on this later.

Some years ago, sending […]

Seed HeshIQ 01 Eraser

These are a set of nine “L”-shaped erasers from Seed of Japan. (Shown on Strathmore 400 Series Artagain black paper.)

The nine erasers together form a 3x3x3 cube. If you search the web, you’ll see that this is an example of a range of tiling/puzzle/cube problems that have attracted interest over the years. Mathematician […]

Cerelli wax crayons

Similar in form to Pastellini colour pencils, Cerelli wax crayons are a fun set of 76 crayons in a cylindrical tin with a clear lid.

Crayons have never looked so fashionable.

Lead Box Art

An eBay seller sent me a few “bonus” items with some pencils I bought – vintage lead refills.

The leads are 1.18 mm in diameter. Though once the standard, this diameter is infrequently used today. Unfortunately, I don’t own a pencil that can use this lead.

What has kept me interested is the […]

“Saving forests one pencil at a time” – the Forest Stewardship Council of Canada pencil

I ordered these pencils from the Forest Stewardship Council of Canada after learning of their new marketing initiative. The pencils have an imprinted slogan, “Saving forests one pencil at a time”, which I found intriguing.

I’ve enjoyed using the ForestChoice pencil, and had hoped this might be some sort of equivalent.

The […]