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Miniature colour pencils

Miniature colour pencils

The Eyeball Pencil Co. makes these extreme miniature pencils.

Impractical as they may be, they work.

Miniature colour pencils

6 comments to Miniature colour pencils

  • mmmsoap

    I’ve seen these in gift shops before, and they’re really cute. The do get the job done. Besides, how often do you use a colored pencil long enough to even sharpen it?

  • Geo. B

    I notice on Eyeball’s web site, they also make a white pencil with brown tip made to look like a filtered cigarette, which they label, the Cigalette Pencil” and pencils with strings to look like fuses and fireworks.

  • George, oddly enough I was participating in an email conversation about Eyeball yesterday – they do make some quite unusual novelty pencils. They also seem to have recently introduced some more serious offerings.

  • Tyler

    I checked out their website and saw the dynamite pencils. I also happen to have 3 of them sitting in front of me. I havent sharpened them yet, but now i think i might.

  • oneloneman

    Does anyone know of a good quality metal pencil sharpener for colored pencils? All mine keep tearing the wood and breaking the lead! Thank you.

  • penciljen

    oneloneman, just get a little metal pencil sharpener, and make sure to have plenty of replacement blades on hand. In my experience, it is the quality of the blade that makes for better sharpening.

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