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Goukaku pencil

Here is a fascinating and mysterious pencil. Take a close look – it is a gold pentagonal pencil!

If this explanation has errors, please forgive me. Any errors are on my part.

Some Japanese-English vocabulary:

?? – Goukaku – to pass an examination

?? – Gokaku – pentagon

This pencil is […]

Mucu Type RN-B Notebook

This is a super-lightweight yet fun and practical notebook.

Made of cardboard with paper that is called “comic” (from comic books?), it has a bright removable elastic band.

It has that look of a found or reclaimed object, though there is clearly quite a bit of design in this functional notebook. It may be […]

Playing with fire

Questionable habits rarely look this good.

The Eyeball “No Smoking” pencil, and the V-15 “Matchy” eraser.

Carl Bungu Ryodo BR-05 pencil sharpener

Finally – a modern design aesthetic applied to the desktop pencil sharpener!

The Bungu Ryodo BR-05 from Carl is a marvel – it costs less than some handheld sharpeners from Faber-Castell and KUM – and it performs amazingly well and has a compelling modern design.

The mechanism is easily understood, and offers two […]