Faber-Castell design pencil (II)

Faber-Castell design pencil

A round pencil with grip enhancements, this is Faber-Castell’s latest “design pencil”. We saw another version last year. It seems like an ongoing occasional series.

A winner of a “reddot design award”, it also comes in black, though I have just the white and silver versions. The white is “pearly”, while the silver has some sparkle – quite a bit when seen in natural light.

The grip, created by protruding swirls, will be a matter of preference. I neither loved nor hated it.

Faber-Castell design pencil

They lay down a nice firm dark line, similar to other Faber-Castell pencils in ‘B’.

Faber-Castell design pencil

After a couple of weeks, I’m not so enthused by the format, though I still like the predecessor very much.

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  1. personally, i PREFER them not to have erasers! most of the times they suck and sometimes when theyre rubber they go bad! so, no, its not useless. just my opinion.

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