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Kaweco Sport Classic 3.15mm clutch pencil

Kaweco Sport Classic 3.15mm clutch pencil

I recently stumbled across a fascinating clutch pencil – inexpensive yet classic. What really amazed me was the clear external casing. The inner secrets revealed!

Kaweco Sport Classic 3.15mm clutch pencil

Lightweight at 11.3g, the octagonal pencil has been a very useful travel companion the last few days. Only one issue – at times, it seems too short for a comfortable grip in my hand. At other times, I noticed no problem.

Kaweco Sport Classic 3.15mm clutch pencil

In the end, the winning point is the design – the Kaweco Sport has a classic, compelling look, with the very reasonable price point being a bonus.

Kaweco Sport Classic 3.15mm clutch pencil

8 comments to Kaweco Sport Classic 3.15mm clutch pencil

  • melonpan

    a demonstrator clutch! drooool….

  • Very nice looking leadholder! Did a quick Google search and haven’t found any US retailers for it yet, but a Few Japanese stationery stores seem to carry it. Not like I really need another 3.15 mm pencil, but it’s laways fun to hunt a bit.

  • memex

    It has, for sure, a “classic” look.

    nice one.

  • There are thin lead (0.7mm) versions as well. Also lots of colour choices. I think they should be easily available in the US.

  • Pam Allan

    I recently bought one of these on ebay. I love it — love the looks and feel and everything. I’m new to the world of clutch pencils, though, and am having trouble finding this size lead in the U.S. Can anyone direct me to a seller? I live in the sticks and so need an online source. Thanks!

  • vernon

    I purchased these clutch pencils and about a year after the clutch mechanism piece detached from the stem. Looks to be just a friction grip keeps them together. The constant spring pressure pulled it apart. It would have been better if these were threaded. Does anyone know what kind of glue to use to repair as friction grip is no longer tight enough to hold it together. I wouldn’t buy another of these pencil due to this poor design.

  • We do carry Kaweco pencils in pencil lead size: 2.0mm, 3.0mm and 5.6mm

  • Don Droga

    Blick art supplies has 2.0 leads. This pencil is up for sale on eBay now for 13.50 with free ship!

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