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Faber-Castell 2530N pencil

Large diameter pencils are often seen as useful for children. The larger format makes the grip more comfortable. These oversize pencils might also have uses in drawing and graphics realms, except that the quality is usually very low. (The excellent Lyra Ferby is an exception.)

Here is a very high quality large diameter pencil […]

Pencil thanked at Academy Awards

My morning paper noted that animator Kunio Kato thanked his pencil in his acceptance speech for the 2009 Oscar for animated short.

He also quoted a memorable line from a 1983 Styx song.

Staedtler’s oldest brands – the Atlas and Minerva pencils

Staedtler is one of the world’s foremost pencil manufacturers. While many companies struggle to maintain a single mainstream pencil line, Staedtler has four global brands – Mars Lumograph, Tradition, Noris, and Minerva. They of course also have a number of specialty and local lines.

Note: The photos were taken on green Clairefontaine graph paper, […]

Mitsubishi train pencils (2)

Another magnificent set of pencils in tribute to the Japanese railway system. This is a set of 18 colour pencils, housed in a tin case, and made by the esteemed Mitsubishi Pencil Co.

The inside of the lid reveals some details:

We also see the familiar mark of the Mitsubishi Pencil Company:


Ito-ya pencil holder

Over the past years, we’ve seen some traditional pencil holders, and some newer versions.

There are still some problems with these implements. The traditional models have awkward grips, mainly due to the metal hardware, and interfere with comfortably holding a pencil.

The newer solutions are nice, but often impractically expensive – buying several […]

Paper wrapped pencils

Does anyone remember these? Or still use them?

Known as grease markers or china markers, these pencils have wax colour cores, and are wrapped in paper that one tears off link by link. I remember these always being around the house when I was growing up, yet can’t recall what they were used […]