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Pencil thanked at Academy Awards

My morning paper noted that animator Kunio Kato thanked his pencil in his acceptance speech for the 2009 Oscar for animated short.

He also quoted a memorable line from a 1983 Styx song.

3 comments to Pencil thanked at Academy Awards

  • Barrel Of A Pencil

    When I watched this gentleman on the telly I missed the encomium (well, the mention of) to his pencil, but I caught his “Domo arigato Mr. Roboto” right off and that floored me. Maybe the animators who frequent Pencil Talk can tell us through the grapevine what pencil Kunio Kato prefers?

  • Mike

    I’ll bet that Kunio Kato prefers Tombow Mono 100s.

  • Gary

    Ah, too bad he has such a struggle with speaking English. It looks like he thanked his pencil because he was quickly trying to think up something else to thank, rather than it being more sincere…

    I would have loved to see him say something like this: “And thank you to my trusty mechanical pencil,” “which helped make my animation possible!”

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