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Win the Felissimo 500 Colour pencil set

Felissimo pencils

To promote the Felissimo 500 Colour pencil set, Felissimo is holding two contests.

I hope you will consider entering.

Contest 1: Design a pair of web banners, or a poster. The prize in each category is a set of Felissimo 500 pencils plus $US1000.00 cash. Not bad!

Contest 2: Design a pencil case for the pencils. How cool is that? The prize is a set of Felissimo 500 pencils plus $US1000.00 cash plus an expenses paid trip to a design show in Tokyo, Japan!!!

The design briefs and contest details are here.

4 comments to Win the Felissimo 500 Colour pencil set

  • I wonder if I am the only one slightly disappointed by the fact that these pencils are been manufactured in China rather than a country that already has a established record of producing artists’ quality colored pencils. Without a track record of quality and performance, potential buyers might be best served by waiting for independent artists’ reviews of the initial colored pencil groups releases before investing their resources on an unproven product.

  • When I see this kind of things I wish I was rich, so I can buy them all, they are very beautiful!!
    You can come and see my pictures of pencils, they all belong to Silvana Visconti, a pencil collector here in Argentina!!

  • Juliana, thanks for sharing your photos. You have an excellent eye for the subject.

  • Thank you, Juliana – your photos are marvellous!

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