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Two erasers from Korea

My thanks to Kent from PenciLog for sending me a MonAmi Gripix eraser and a HwaRang Dust-free eraser. MonAmi is Korea’s largest stationer, and Gripix is one of their brands associated with mechanical pencils, leads, and erasers. HwaRang is a long established rubber company. I believe both firms do have some products for sale in [...]

Pencil advertisements

A few excellent pencil advertisements mentioned on blogs: “Sound-testing a MONGOL” at Orange Crate Art. Mars 1962 at Lexikaliker. Zurück in die Zukunft at Lexikaliker.

Faber-Castell 7041-20 Natural Rubber Eraser

It seems like erasers made of vinyl or other synthetic ingredients are the norm today. Here is a traditional rubber eraser that I was surprised to find. It seems relatively dense, and with a lot of particulate matter exuding from a new eraser. It does a good job on a Lumograph 100: The paper in [...]

Felissimo 500 Color Pencils – 1st set

A very welcome package just arrived – the first set in Felissimo’s 500 Color pencil series! As befits such a set, the packaging itself is attractive and noteworthy: The theme is red. Twenty-five shades of red! The only printed material was an index sheet in Japanese: The colourful lineup does not disappoint. The pencils have [...]

Canteo No. 14 A4 notebook

Canteo, a brand of Biella of Switzerland, offers notebooks and office products. They now have a retail presence in Canada, and I recently acquired one of their A4 sized notebooks. It is an original. I’ll start from the inside in describing the notebook – I ordered a squared (graph paper/quadrille) version – and to my [...]

Five black dyed pencils

A regular request since the blog started has been for sources of all-black pencils with black varnish and black dyed wood. I’m not sure why they’re so popular, but I do believe that someone taking the time to write often represents a “tip of the iceberg” phenomenon. It might be the pure aesthetics – or [...]