Gripsharp pencil sharpener

Gripsharp pencil sharpener

New pencil accessories aren’t introduced too often, so I was quite intrigued to learn about the Gripsharp.

It resembles one of those rubber ‘ergonomic’ grips that some people prefer for gripping thin writing instruments.

You put the pencil in, start sharpening, and leave the Gripsharp in place. Put another way, you sharpen away the wood, leaving the exposed pencil core protruding from the device.

Gripsharp pencil sharpener

It does actually write.

Gripsharp pencil sharpener

Here is a photo showing what you are actually doing to the pencil:

Gripsharp pencil sharpener

Unusual as it is, I’m wondering – what is it for? What is the problem it solves?

Would you buy one? What do you think of it?

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I’d like to thank Gripsharp for sending this sample to me.

8 Replies to “Gripsharp pencil sharpener”

  1. I wouldn’t buy one – it’s not sharpened the lead to a point (my reason for using a sharpener). Give me a quality propelling pencil any day!

  2. I would buy one. if I don’t have to hunt for a sharpener thats fantastic. That is, it seems to always stay on your pencil! Thats a huge plus for me. thanks.

  3. All, thank you for the comments.

    I think I was considering this item in the context of using a pencil as a writing instrument. But when using a pencil as a marking tool – perhaps that is the Gripsharp’s niche.

  4. Since this “sharpener” stays on the pencil and it has a grip so you can write with it, in my eyes it’s sort of a mechanical pencil that uses wooden pencils as leads. :P It doesn’t make much sense, I think, but at least you don’t have to reach for your sharpener when this pencil needs sharpening…

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