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Moleskine Project Planner

Moleskine Project Planner

Talk about long accordion folds of paper! The Moleskine Project Planner is essentially a long zig-zag folded piece of paper inside the familiar Moleskine exterior – black cover, elastic band, pocket inside the back cover.

I would say it is very unusual, presenting a linear unbroken view of the calendar year.

Moleskine Project Planner

There are some problems, and I’m not sure how to make best use of it. Each day’s numeral has eleven rectangles below it – each of which is 6mm (horizontal) by 10mm (vertical). This isn’t enough space to write anything – maybe just a single character or a check mark. Presumably you would need a pre-existing colour or notation scheme to chart or record something.

Moleskine Project Planner

The reverse side does have an alternate calendar view with a 3.5mm ruled line that could take very small writing.

Moleskine Project Planner

The reverse also has various “helpful” items such as international holidays. There is an error in the Canadian listing, which undermines my confidence in the other presented information.

Moleskine Project Planner

Even if it is called a “project planner”, I can see the format being quite good for tracking personal information such as a budget or diet.

It has also made me think about this paper format – I’m wondering about where one could buy accordion folded thick paper. Moleskine’s Japanese Album is another product that I’ve always thought of as a sketchbook, and now realize could be quite useful for project planning.

The product is just somehow pleasantly clever.

Moleskine Project Planner

3 comments to Moleskine Project Planner

  • Love this!! Any idea if this will be available in Singapore??

  • jason warner

    Product is way to small to be useful

  • Great design.

    I’ve always been suspicious of Moleskine, though the brand overcomes me with its simple designs and classy presentation quite often. What makes it suspicious is mainly the “story.” It distracts from the notebook itself and turns it into a symbol – something that appeals to Americans.
    The price really isn’t so bad comparing to high end brands, but I wonder if it is really as good as it is hyped up to be?

    For example – Fabriano seems to me like a brand with better quality at comparable pricing.

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