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Faber-Castell multiplication table pencil

Faber-Castell multiplication table pencil

Apart from being a multiplication table pencil from a famous manufacturer, this pencil was interesting to me as a Faber-Castell product labelled as being from Brazil.

Faber-Castell multiplication table pencil

Faber-Castell multiplication table pencil

Faber-Castell multiplication table pencil

For sale via an eBay seller in Cyprus (I’ve corresponded with others who’ve purchased the same pencil set), it seems to have taken an interesting path before arriving at my door.

Faber-Castell multiplication table pencil

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9 comments to Faber-Castell multiplication table pencil

  • Those pencils used to be very popular here in Brazil. When I was in primary school, teachers would forbid us to use them when taking Math exams. Some students innocently forgot this rule and tried to use this pencil anyway. I myself never liked it much. At least the ones I had used to be very prone to breaking when been sharpened.

  • I do agree, in India, our schools are never going to allow students to carry those pencils during exam days!!
    But this concept is NOT new…
    Such pencils and other similar products were sold in Indian market many years back…
    This is something like…
    “Old WINE in New Bottle”

  • Simon

    Are these worth buying? What about lead darkness?

  • I was going to say as well: these are Faber’s contribution to “cheating at maths”. :)

  • I always saw them as a “learning aid”. Today, we probably need pencils with computer software shortcuts, or train schedules.

  • Michael

    I’ve just noticed the tables only go up to 10. We had to learn up to 13

  • jim

    As a kid in the fourth grade in 1941 I had a mechanical pencil with a rotation barrel which contained the multiplication tables. It may have done division also but can’t remember. This was very handy and helped me memorize the tables. I wonder if such an automatic pencil is available today? What brought this to my attention is many children do not know the tables and can’t do simple math.

  • nils

    where to buy these pencils? thanks.

  • Futural

    I remember this type of pencil from elementary school, I always wanted one but never had it, can´t remeber if it had a brandname or not but I look for it with no luck, now I can get a gross of them but it would be futile but if I see one I’ll…

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