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LAMY woodcase pencils

Some major news – LAMY, a company renowned for the advanced industrial design of their fountain pens and mechanical pencils – have released a line of woodcase pencils.

Please enjoy the first views at Lexikaliker.

Let’s hope LAMY will offer wide distribution.

4 comments to LAMY woodcase pencils

  • Beautiful understatement. Perhaps Levenger will carry them — they stock many Lamy products.

  • Pisces6

    Quite pretty! Unfortunately, I don’t hold much hope of getting these in the US without having to order them online… People seem to love pencils like Office Depot pencils & Staples pencils. Heck, there’s a General’s Pencil Company branch nearby, but unless you go to an art store, their pencils are not carried in the general office supply chains.

  • Vikram

    I bought some of these colored pencils- Lamy 4plus and Lamy plus triangular colored pencils. Boxes of 12, the 4plus cost 17 Euro and the plus cost 10 Euro. They have oversize leads-4plus has a diameter of 6.25mm! Awesome, they have vibrant color.

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