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Marco Natural 6000 pencil

A few years ago, pencil industry blog Timberlines suggested that there were about 300 pencil factories in the world, with 200 of those located in China. Who knows what the number is today? And of the 100 factories outside China, many use either slats or raw pencils from China for their production. It goes further […]

LAMY plus pencils

First unveiled at the 2010 Paperworld show and reviewed at Lexikaliker, a few LAMY plus pencils have washed up on this side of the Atlantic.

From LAMY, a firm renowned for their design capabilities, we have two-tone grey and silver triangular pencils.

The “plus” is a slightly oversize 8.5mm diameter pencil […]

Pencils from Thailand

Some pencils from Thailand. Unfamiliar brands like Nanmee, Quantum, Horse, and MasterArt. Also a Staedtler!

Commonalities include colourful finishes and reddish (dyed?) wood.

My thanks to Gunther from Lexikaliker for kindly sending these pencils to me!

Staedtler Mars Dynagraph pencils and leads

Let’s take a brief trip into the almost departed world of drafting by pencil. Before computer aided design (CAD), precision drawings were made by hand. Architects, draftspeople, engineers, and others, used lead pencils alongside other tools to create plans for everything from small industrial parts to immense cities.

The observations made here are probably […]