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The H. A. (Hirohachi Akagi) Faber Fortress pencil

Cyclingpencils blog: Japanese pencils and their history

For some amazing pencil history, please see the cyclingpencils blog. Written in Japanese with photo titles and partial text in English, the last two posts tell a story about a pencil that may look familiar at first glance – the H. A. Faber “Fortress”. But H. A. Faber isn’t a distant member of the Faber pencil manufacturing family, and the “Fortress” is not a “Castell”, even if similar fonts and logos are used.

It turns out the brands came from Hirohachi Akagi & Co., founder of the Colleeen pencil company. There is also a “Moon Glove”, with moon and globe logo, very similar to the Staedtler logo.

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