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Five years

pencil talk started as a small website in 2005. Five years, 534 posts, and 4,666 comments later, we’re still a small website, but we’re also proud to have gained an international following of pencil users, aficionados, artists, drafters, and doodlers. The website started as a blog with irregular looks at stationery and pencils. The first [...]

Colleen Woods Pencils, Vol. 1

Here are some pencils that I never thought I would see in person – the first volume of the Colleen Woods series. An amazing masterpiece of pencil making, each pencil in the series of twenty-four (two volumes of twelve) is made from a different species of wood. The set is just breathtaking. Each pencil notes [...]

graphite roots

“… to make pencills to marke downe the Sins of the People” graphite roots is another remarkable post at La Vie Graphite.

The joy of a large piece of paper

Who enjoys using a large piece of paper? On the forefront of the photo is a Miquelrius “Grid-It!” series notepad in “The Guardian” design. Each sheet of paper shows a 1988 newspaper layout design by David Hillman. It is the layout for a sheet of newspaper. At 375mm x 600mm, each sheet is 0.225 square [...]

Thoreau pencils

Some original photos of Thoreau pencils are shown as an element of a thoughtful and engaging post by Abraham at La Vie Graphite regarding a visit to Walden Pond. In 2006, one of the organizations devoted to Thoreau sold a J. Thoreau and Son pencil on eBay as a fundraiser. The pencil fetched about $1,000.00.

Pencil manufacturers in the news

Pencil manufacturers have been receiving some major media attention recently. Behind the scenes, I would guess that Faber-Castell’s capable public relations staff have been very active. Faber-Castell’s 250th anniversary is next year, and the celebrations are starting. See this YouTube video for a behind the scenes view of how the “250″ human logo was formed [...]