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Midori Brass Bullet Pencil

Originating in the rural US Midwest, the classic bullet pencil is reinterpreted by Japanese stationer Midori. This particular item is part of a larger series of brass products meant to be accessories to the highly popular “Traveler’s Notebook”. The sample shown is almost brand new, yet already shows signs of tarnishing or brassing. There are [...]

Penol Twin pencils

With many thanks to the kindness of blog reader Henrik (of Denmark), here is a box of Penol Twin 2011 double ended colour pencils. Henrik tells me that Penol woodcase pencils are a brand revival. Penol seems to have done some regrouping, and are introducing older product lines, though these products are no longer made [...]

Dave’s Mechanical Pencils turns five

Congratulations to Dave’s Mechanical Pencils for a milestone fifth anniversary! Dave’s blog is a wonderful and entertaining source for information about mechanical pencils.

Steinbeck’s favorite pencils

“My choice of pencils lies between the black Calculator stolen from Fox Films and this Mongol 2 3/8 F which is quite black and holds its point well—much better in fact than the Fox pencils. I will get six more or maybe four more dozen of them for my pencil tray.” “Pencils must be round. [...]

Tombow Mono block erasers

As a new pocket calculator tribute demonstrates, the Tombow Mono eraser is a design icon. It is also a mighty fine eraser. And similar to other successful products, the Mono has several brand “extensions”. Looking just at the traditional block format erasers, here are five variants: PE-04A, the basic Tombow Mono. EN-MN, the “Non Dust” [...]

Handheld multisharpeners

A few ambitious handheld sharpeners attempt to offer multiple options. Here are four. Upper left: Kutsuwa T’GAAL Upper right: Kutsuwa K’ZOOL Lower left: Flute-like sharpener, name unknown Lower right: 5 steps pencil sharpener The T’GAAL mainly moves a backstop, and slightly moves the (large) blade’s angle: The K’ZOOL manipulates the angle of sharpening, a feature [...]