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Whitelines isometric graph paper

Isometric graph paper is still manufactured and sold in 2011, and has become an expensive specialty item.

I recall seeing engineering notebooks from decades ago that had isometric patterns, often facing a ruled or blank page. The tasks that require isometric graph paper (along with polar graph paper) long ago transitioned to computer software.


J. R. Moon pencils

The J. R. Moon Pencil Company was founded in 1961 by James R. Moon. Moon was a pencil industry veteran, having previously worked at both the Linton and American pencil companies, following a career as a school teacher.

Some background information on the company:

Mr. Moon (born in 1912), passed away in 2002, and a […]

Staedtler Rally pencil

“Made of wood.” “Pre-sharpened.” If those were the only selling points, one would really have to wonder. But these pencils come from Staedtler, so the expectations are higher.

The Rally seems to come from an alternate Staedtler universe, with different centres of production. I’m not sure if the two versions represent different generations or […]

Koh-I-Noor Hardmuth Cesky Krumlov pencil

First, an apology. I only recently became fully aware that since a hosting change, the blog has lost full support for international languages. This is unfortunate, since a number of previous posts and comments that discussed the translation of pencil nomenclature (often Japanese to English) no longer make sense. If you might know the solution, […]

Pencil news

Starting at home, David O. just left the 5000th comment at pencil talk! Thank you David and everyone else who has contributed!

2011 is looking like a year of nostalgia in the pencil realm.

As noted at Bleistift, Staedtler will be introducing pencil tins with retro/nostalgic themes, as well as a pencil making kit. That […]