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Fort Apencil

With kind thanks to Andrea of ortoritorto, a special image created for pencil talk:


A few years ago, I made contact with some pencil bloggers in Japan. They have always generously shared their knowledge and enthusiasm.

It is a joy and relief to report that those linked to in the “From Japan” sidebar are all well.

Sharpie Liquid Pencil

About eight months ago, Sharpie announced a new product, the “Liquid Pencil”. As soon as I learned of it, I was excited to see what it might offer.

Of course, I have heard of the former Parker Liquid Lead Pencil through Penhero’s excellent article, and noted the similarity of the marketing, though fifty-five years apart:


Is something missing?

A new pencil trend – scallops or grooves cut into finished triangular pencils, exposing the underlying wood. Seen here, the Stabilo EASYgraph (right and left hand versions) and the LYRA Groove. Lexikaliker reports that Koh-I-Noor will be introducing a similar product in 2011.

Aimed at children, the idea is that the grip is improved, […]

Midori notebooks

The globe is shrinking – recently found locally (Ontario, Canada) – Midori notebooks.

Plain and simple, yet high quality. Nicely finished. No visible cutting or processing artifacts or residue.

Relatively expensive, but their reputation preceded them.

The Midori paper loves graphite, and graphite loves this paper!