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Kozo Interior Studio walnut pencil box

A simple but very well made object from Kozo Interior Studio – a pencil (or pen) box made in walnut.

A magnet in the box helps keep the lid in place.

A very nice way to keep pencils.


Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener

Troy from Classroom Friendly Supplies kindly sent a “Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener” this way. I’ve previously read reports on the sharpener at Pencil Revolution and Lung Sketching Scrolls. (Alberto really put it through the paces!) Some searching reveals further coverage at Unposted and Little Flower Petals.

In terms of modern day desktop sharpeners, there is […]

Eagle Polytechnic Pencils

Following the previous post on vintage pencils, Bob from Brand Name Pencils sent some correspondence. Bob owns a complete set of Eagle Polytechnic pencils from the mid 19th century, and was kind enough to share some images.

I’ll wager that not too many products have been marketed with the likenesses of both King Maximilian […]

A. W. Faber’s Polygrade Lead Pencils

Lothar von Faber’s Polygrade is a historically important pencil. Launched in 1837, and sold until the early 20th century, the product offered pencils in a system of standard grades, and established the Faber name globally. The pencils were also the first by Faber to use the Conté/Hardmuth process of blending graphite with clay, an […]