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Rosetta leadholder and accessories

Ipenstore was kind enough to send some items for review. The products are from their “Rosetta” line, which I take to be an in-house brand. I’ve ordered items from Ipenstore in the past, and have always been happy, especially with their range of unusual items and expert packaging.

They sent me a 2.0mm […]

Clairefontaine notebooks

Doing some fall cleaning, I found a dozen Clairefontaine A4 notebooks from student days in the late 1980s/early 1990s.

The notebooks strongly resemble the current offerings, and have held up very well over time. Good job, Clairefontaine!


A 250th anniversary pencil from Faber-Castell.

Though – it unfortunately looks like products we’ve already seen. The special imprint Castell 9000 pencils given out at Paperworld probably have more cachet as an anniversary item.


I’ve been enjoying some Zebrano wood writing implements from e+m Holzprodukte of Germany:

A ruler with embedded lead pointer, a ballpoint pen, a pencil extender, a 5.6mm leadholder, a 1.18mm mechanical pencil, and a 5.6mm leadholder.

A couple of the historic shapes (the all wood 1.18mm and 5.6mm pieces) are less practical, but all […]

Email, etc.

My apologies – I am far behind in responding to email. Further, the router that connected my previous mail server to the net died. It was in this state for some days before corrective action was taken, and messages may have bounced. If your message to me was returned, I did not receive it. Other […]