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A visitor from Mars

This visitor carries a Noris colour pencil:

The left foot has the Staedtler logo:

My thanks to Gail from Staedtler for sending this visitor my way.

No Ordinary Blog Post

No Ordinary Pencil is no ordinary blog post. Read it at Blackwing Pages.

Tohkin pencil holder

Though Faber-Castell makes a remarkable pencil holder and extender, the market has a good deal of room for less expensive offerings. One of these is the pencil holder from Tohkin.

From their website, it appears that Tohkin is a specialty pen clip manufacturer in Japan. This pencil holder seems to be a natural […]

Red and Blue pencils from Berol México, Caran d’Ache, and Linex

Today we examine a trio of red and blue pencils from around the globe.

From Berol México we have the Escolar. A part of the global Sanford empire, Berol México continues to use historically important pen and pencil brand names such as Blaisdell and Esterbrook.

Sanford products from México can be found at some […]

Caran d’Ache Jass chalk pencil

Here is an unusual pencil that I know little about. An oversized woodcased chalk pencil, the Jass allows for a lot more precision than a typical stick of chalk.

On slate:

On a chalkboard:

See Bleistift for a nice article on writing with chalk and slate (and variants).

Are there any […] “may be compromised”

While performing a search for pencils, it’s hard to not notice the “This site may be compromised” warning that Google displays in the listing:

Though I imagined for a moment that Google might be judging the marketing practices, the notice is merely about a possible malware infection.