Final Post

November 1st will mark this blog’s ninth anniversary. It will also be the blog’s final day.

Nine years is a long time. Over this span, the blog has been a hobby, sometimes a burden, often a consuming passion, occasionally a second job, and always a great forum for those interested in exploring the art and science of pencils.

There have been wonderful discussions that I’ve truly enjoyed. I’ve met people who I’ll be keeping in touch with, and learned quite a bit about both blogging and pencils. There have been some fine fellow travelers in this journey, and I will mention Lexikaliker and Blackwing Pages as blogs whose passion and original research into pencils has regularly exceeded my own efforts.

The circumstances and costs of running an independent website have changed since 2005, and these are real factors, but in the end, the timing is right for this decision.

Thank you to the many readers, commenters, and correspondents who made this a special place.