Correction. Also an apology for jumping the gun. I am pleased to report that Strikethru is alive and well! Please go take a look.

The great blog Strikethru also seems to be gone. Typewriter focused, it was of course about more. For me, it often led to smiles. It inspired me to buy and read The Iron Whim (and I learned that a wonderful former neighbor knows the author. That neighbor has also lived in Kitchener and Toronto and the Bay Area!). It also led to me to Berkeley Typewriter, Paper-Ya, and the Regional Assembly of Text.

Author Cheryl remains active online. We wish her the best!

A side note: Not too many stationery blogs are older than pencil talk. Ninth Wave Designs is older, as is Pencil Revolution. So are Moleskinerie (now a vendor site) and Scription. (Some of these have changed formats/focus/domains over the years – understandably!)

6 Replies to “Strikethru”

  1. Oh! Premature are the reports of my demise, turns out I wasn’t up to date on my server hosting. Should be back online in a day or so although I’ll admit the heyday of Strikethru was more like 2008?

  2. So glad to hear that the rumors of your demise were just rumors! Nothing like untimely rumors to get everyone rallying to your side again. Viva la machina!

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