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Sun-Star Crosno eraser

A local campus bookstore now stocks an unusual item – the Sun-Star Crosno stick eraser.

The eraser has features that include a cross shaped eraser stick, a rubberized grip, a window to see how much eraser remains, and a clip.

The cap even has – another eraser!

Overall, I find it a […]

Tombow Mono block erasers

As a new pocket calculator tribute demonstrates, the Tombow Mono eraser is a design icon. It is also a mighty fine eraser. And similar to other successful products, the Mono has several brand “extensions”.

Looking just at the traditional block format erasers, here are five variants:

PE-04A, the basic Tombow Mono.

EN-MN, the […]

The nutty eraser

Some of these nuts are not edible:

From Kikkerland, we have the PVC free and Latex free peanut eraser.

An amusing novelty, but not so great as an eraser:

Two erasers from Korea

My thanks to Kent from PenciLog for sending me a MonAmi Gripix eraser and a HwaRang Dust-free eraser.

MonAmi is Korea’s largest stationer, and Gripix is one of their brands associated with mechanical pencils, leads, and erasers.

HwaRang is a long established rubber company.

I believe both firms do have some products […]

Faber-Castell 7041-20 Natural Rubber Eraser

It seems like erasers made of vinyl or other synthetic ingredients are the norm today. Here is a traditional rubber eraser that I was surprised to find.

It seems relatively dense, and with a lot of particulate matter exuding from a new eraser. It does a good job on a Lumograph 100:


Staedtler Mars rasor & Faber-Castell Perfection 7058

In the far corners of pencildom’s taxonomy we have two extremely interesting (and very retro looking!) woodcased ink erasers with brushes.

Both round, they feature ink eraser cores and crimped ferrules that grasp brushes. The blue bristles of the Mars match that pencil’s finish and have an additional appeal.

The crimped ferrules […]