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David Hayward Design 5mm Brushed Nickel Scribbler

The David Hayward Design 5mm Brushed Nickel Scribbler is a very well made leadholder/clutch pencil with an incredible heft. At 66 grams, it is heavy and dense, and by far the heaviest handheld writing implement that I own. The aesthetic is one of simplicity, with clean lines and surfaces. It is a design for designers [...]

Rosetta leadholder and accessories

Ipenstore was kind enough to send some items for review. The products are from their “Rosetta” line, which I take to be an in-house brand. I’ve ordered items from Ipenstore in the past, and have always been happy, especially with their range of unusual items and expert packaging. They sent me a 2.0mm leadholder in [...]


I’ve been enjoying some Zebrano wood writing implements from e+m Holzprodukte of Germany: A ruler with embedded lead pointer, a ballpoint pen, a pencil extender, a 5.6mm leadholder, a 1.18mm mechanical pencil, and a 5.6mm leadholder. A couple of the historic shapes (the all wood 1.18mm and 5.6mm pieces) are less practical, but all of [...]

My father’s pencil, by Finn

Today, we have a special guest contribution from Finn of Copenhagen, Denmark: This Criterium 2613 has a special story. My late father worked as a maker of fine fur coats in a known fur house in Copenhagen as his day time job, and was a dedicated artist in his spare time. Back then you could [...]

Red Hot Lead

Graphite is not the only refill available for mechanical pencils and leadholders. Colour lead refills, red in particular, are available in several formats. They might be be used by teachers, accountants, or anyone seeking to make a noticeable mark. The thicker versions might have uses in carpentry and masonry. Let’s examine ten of them. 0.5mm [...]

3.15mm leadholders and mechanical pencils

Interested in a great graphite writing and drawing experience that might use a less well known writing implement? How about the opportunity to use colour leads, or even a ballpoint pen with the same pencil? Let’s take a look at 3.15mm leadholders! These pencils have a lead diameter that is about 50% thicker than the [...]