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Neri Leadholder

The muted fate of the book Stationery Fever was somewhat of an enigma to me – it had so many references and contributions from prominent online presences that I thought it must have smartly set itself up for success. It even examined some of the issues with the new “Blackwing”. I’ve heard the publisher didn’t […]

Caran d’Ache 100th Anniversary Fixpencil

2015 was the 100th anniversary of famed pencil maker Caran d’Ache. We’re a little late noting this, but belatedly wish them congratulations! For the anniversary, a few commemorative items were offered, including a special version of their famed Fixpencil.

The Fixpencil, which we looked at in 2008, is arguably one of the most iconic writing […]

Lamy Safari 2.0mm Mechanical Pencil

Lamy has many fans in the stationery world, and justifiably so. Their products are associated with reliability, good value, and a commitment to good design.

Here is a Lamy Safari you’re not going to find in any stationery store: a 2.0mm mechanical pencil. The one pictured is a custom modification by isu, the author of […]

David Hayward Design 5mm Brushed Nickel Scribbler

The David Hayward Design 5mm Brushed Nickel Scribbler is a very well made leadholder/clutch pencil with an incredible heft. At 66 grams, it is heavy and dense, and by far the heaviest handheld writing implement that I own.

The aesthetic is one of simplicity, with clean lines and surfaces. It is a design for […]

Rosetta leadholder and accessories

Ipenstore was kind enough to send some items for review. The products are from their “Rosetta” line, which I take to be an in-house brand. I’ve ordered items from Ipenstore in the past, and have always been happy, especially with their range of unusual items and expert packaging.

They sent me a 2.0mm […]


I’ve been enjoying some Zebrano wood writing implements from e+m Holzprodukte of Germany:

A ruler with embedded lead pointer, a ballpoint pen, a pencil extender, a 5.6mm leadholder, a 1.18mm mechanical pencil, and a 5.6mm leadholder.

A couple of the historic shapes (the all wood 1.18mm and 5.6mm pieces) are less practical, but all […]