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Faber-Castell Polygrade pencils

As noted in this post at Lexikaliker, pencil industry leader Faber-Castell has issued a special set of pencils to honour the 200th birthday of Lothar von Faber. (An English language version of the product website is here).

To anyone interested in the history of pencils, this is super exciting!

This blog, nine years ago, […]

Graf von Faber-Castell No. V Pocket Pencils

In the period that this blog was inactive, Faber-Castell introduced two fantastic additions to their Perfect Pencil line – first, a No. V refill in grey guilloche, and later, a beautiful midnight blue edition.

They were quick additions to my daily arsenal – in fact they seem like the same quality as the fluted pencils, […]

Faber-Castell Grip Sparkle pencils

Leading pencil manufacturer Faber-Castell recently extended their popular Grip pencil line with the “Sparkle”.

While at first glance it might seem easy to dismiss the product as just a novelty, the pencils really do exude charm when seen in person. They come in a variety of colours – only a few are shown […]

Letter Openers

Nice desk accessories can bring some joy to daily tasks.

Posing with my morning newspaper are two letter openers. One is from Graf von Faber-Castell, and the other from E+M Holzprodukte.

The GvFC letter opener has a beautiful leather handle and considerable heft.

The E+M letter opener continues that company’s beautiful Zebrano […]

Faber-Castell 250th anniversary pencil

The Faber-Castell 250th anniversary pencils.

The raised lettering is remarkable.

The caps acknowledge the anniversary year.

Congratulations to Faber-Castell on their 250th anniversary year!


A 250th anniversary pencil from Faber-Castell.

Though – it unfortunately looks like products we’ve already seen. The special imprint Castell 9000 pencils given out at Paperworld probably have more cachet as an anniversary item.