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General Pencil Co. and the Kimberly pencil

As manufacturers in the OECD countries continue to move production offshore, the stories of those surviving, and even thriving, become ever more interesting. The General Pencil Company of New Jersey is one of those survivors.

With the company formally founded in 1889 and a business lineage dating back to the 1860s, General has an […]

General’s Cedar Pointe 333 pencil

Here is a pencil that I know many pencil talk readers already know and like – the General’s Cedar Pointe 333 pencil.

It is a “natural finish” unlacquered pencil that emphasizes the pencil’s cedar origins in both name and appearance. Note how prominent the woodgrain appears. And for anyone who enjoys the traditional […]

General’s 206H Jumbo Clutch Holder & Layout Stick

We’ve seen that mechanical pencils and leadholders can use graphite in a wide range of diameters. Here is one of the extremes, the “Jumbo Clutch Holder & Layout Stick” from the General Pencil Company in the U.S.

The packaging says this graphite stick can be used for “drawing, sketching, creating negative space and […]

General’s Supreme 550 pencil

Those looking for inexpensive pencils soon discover that almost every large department and office supply store has a no-name or house brand – yet such pencils are often less than ideal.

Made of poplar or basswood with inferior leads, the pencils often just barely serve their purpose.

Yet if you’re buying pencils as a […]

The General Pencil Company

General Pencil is not as well known as General Motors or General Electric, but they have an equally fascinating history.

Founded in 1889, the company has remained in the Weissenborn family for 118 years. Their 1900 factory on Fleet Street, Jersey City, remains, though the business is now headquartered in Redwood City, California, closer […]