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Is something missing?

A new pencil trend – scallops or grooves cut into finished triangular pencils, exposing the underlying wood. Seen here, the Stabilo EASYgraph (right and left hand versions) and the LYRA Groove. Lexikaliker reports that Koh-I-Noor will be introducing a similar product in 2011.

Aimed at children, the idea is that the grip is improved, […]

FILA’s global pencil

Made by the FILA Group, these pencils from subsidiary brands appear to be roughly the same. They are made at FILA’s main plant in China, and sold under established national brand names. Very established brand names – LYRA (Germany) dates from 1806, and Dixon (USA) from 1795. FILA itself is a relative newcomer, established […]

Lyra Colorstripe pencils

As well as the Staedtler WOPEX, the 2009 Paperworld show saw another innovative pencil announced – the Lyra Colorstripe.

This slightly oversized triangular colour pencil has a rounded rectangular core exposed on one side! The “stripe” (coated to preserve the pencil and your hands) is visible along the length of the pencil.


240mm triangular pencils

The standardization of the pencil slat during the 19th century allowed for the pencil industry’s mechanization and automation. While benefitting the industry and consumers, standardization also meant that almost all pencils have become just about the same in dimensions, with the length usually being about 175mm.

A rare exception is the Lyra Orlow […]


The white Colorstripe in black wood, and the black and white double ended Super Ferby Duo. Both from Lyra.

Pencils at Lexikaliker

Even though there have been few updates here this month, Lexikaliker has more than picked up the challenge of discussing pencils! (With much better photography!)

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Spitzer spitzen (2)

The Tombow long point sharpener, with some excellent photos documenting how this sharpener works.

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The Eyeball Cigarette pencil. […]