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Mitsubishi NanoDia pencil

The Mitsubishi NanoDia pencil is supposed to be something special. The graphite is claimed to benefit from some important and noteworthy quality advances.

The line was announced in 2008, and started with mechanical pencils refills; woodcase pencils were introduced a couple of years later. The features of note include strength and density.

Now […]

Mitsubishi’s extremely soft pencils

For drawing and shading, the super dark marks of the softest grade pencils can be very appealing. These soft grades typically go up to 6B in the ranges of many manufacturers. Anything beyond that can be very hard to find, especially as a traditional graphite pencil.

Some manufacturers offer very dark pencils in “carbon” […]

Mitsubishi Natural pencils

Some beautifully finished Mitsubishu Uni pencils. Called “Natural”, they have a rich and appealing woodgrain.

My eye can’t discern this, but over time, at least one pencil’s cap has begun to show a hairline crack in the paint:

The circled JIS mark attests to these being older pencils.

The box of twelve […]

Mitsubishi Jumbo-uni pencil

A special variant of the famous Mitsubishi Uni pencil.

The Jumbo-uni is 25cm long and 1cm in diameter!

The appearance and markings are generally the same as the regular Uni. Some text is different:

It really is Jumbo:

Uni pencils mention the company establishment in 1887. “85th anniversary” […]

Mark Sheet pencils from Japan

These pencils aren’t aimed at writing, yet they are all superb at the task.

Sold to students facing multiple choice exams, they are specialty test pencils. These specific ones are made in Japan, and called “Mark Sheet” pencils.

Of course, test taking isn’t the only possible use, and today we’ll take a look […]

Uni Style Fit multipencil

It’s been a few days since the last post. Despite this quiet period, the blog just had the busiest day on record. I’d like to say thank you to Selectism, whose link sent many (no doubt well dressed!) visitors this way.


Today we’re going to look at the Uni Style Fit. The Style […]