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A custom Pentel Kerry pencil and a surprise from Clairefontaine

Sometimes familiar stationery items aren’t what they seem. Here is a Pentel Kerry mechanical pencil – but unlike any most of us have ever seen. It is paired with a Clairefontaine pocket notebook.

This pencil – a classic – is a custom modification by isu of the uncomfortable chair, turning […]

Mark Sheet pencils from Japan

These pencils aren’t aimed at writing, yet they are all superb at the task.

Sold to students facing multiple choice exams, they are specialty test pencils. These specific ones are made in Japan, and called “Mark Sheet” pencils.

Of course, test taking isn’t the only possible use, and today we’ll take a look […]

Pentel woodcase pencils

Though Pentel may be known for mechanical pencils and lead refills, their woodcase pencil products are equally outstanding.

In our lineup today, we have:

Pentel Mark Sheet Pencil Pentel Tuff Pencil Pentel Black Polymer 999 Copyist Pentel Black Polymer 999 Pentel Black Polymer 999? (999 alpha)

The Pentel Mark Sheet pencil is Pentel’s entry […]

The curious arithmetic of mechanical pencil refills

Hmm, has anyone noticed this aspect of mechanical pencil refills?

Pentel Ain refills (just to pick a particular brand) are all the same price.

And all are 60mm in length.

But they contain:

0.3mm – 20 pieces 0.4mm – 30 pieces 0.5mm – 40 pieces 0.7mm – 40 pieces 0.9mm – 36 pieces


Very thin erasers

Here are a couple of amazingly thin erasers.

The Tombow Mono zero is a 2.3mm diameter cyclindrical eraser, dispensed by clicking the cap. It really does seem like a mechanical pencil in both form and function.

I thought this eraser was probably a borderline novelty, but it worked quite well over a period […]

Pentel Mark Sheet Pencil

We’ve seen special pencils aimed at optical and electro-mechanical mark recognition – the vintage IBM Electrographic, and the more recent Musgrave Test Scoring Pencil.

Quite a few people seem to be interested in these pencils, so I’m pleased to be able to mention a superb modern example that I recently learned about – the […]