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The Tombow Pencil Company’s 100th Anniversary (and Pencil)

Congratulations to Tombow, who are celebrating their 100th anniversary in 2013. The company has a special site with many photos to commemorate the anniversary.

As part of the celebration, Tombow has issued a recreation of a vintage pencil, complete with packaging. The pencil is internally a Mono 100, possibly the world’s finest pencil, so […]

Tombow Mono block erasers

As a new pocket calculator tribute demonstrates, the Tombow Mono eraser is a design icon. It is also a mighty fine eraser. And similar to other successful products, the Mono has several brand “extensions”.

Looking just at the traditional block format erasers, here are five variants:

PE-04A, the basic Tombow Mono.

EN-MN, the […]

A vintage dual function pencil

It looks like the fantastic Tombow Black Red LV-KEV pencil had at least one predecessor.

The National Pencil Co. was the location of a 1915 murder that is still resonating.


Tombow 8900 pencil and Victorinox pen knife

A delightful accessory, this pen knife by Victorinox sports the colours of the Tombow 8900 pencil.

The 8900 is a general purpose pencil whose packaging continues to use traditional graphics.

What a great idea! Tombow was founded in 1913, so they have a big anniversary approaching – I’m sure we’ll see more […]

Mark Sheet pencils from Japan

These pencils aren’t aimed at writing, yet they are all superb at the task.

Sold to students facing multiple choice exams, they are specialty test pencils. These specific ones are made in Japan, and called “Mark Sheet” pencils.

Of course, test taking isn’t the only possible use, and today we’ll take a look […]

Red and blue pencils VII – Tombow and Mitsubishi

So far, we’ve seen two examples of red and blue pencils from Japan – the first rate Kita Boshi 9667, and the very unusual finger-jointed Mitsubishi 2667.

Let’s continue our exploration of this interesting pencil format by looking at the mainstream offerings from Japan’s largest pencil manufacturers, Tombow and Mitsubishi.

Tombow makes the round […]