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Red and Blue pencils from Berol México, Caran d’Ache, and Linex

Today we examine a trio of red and blue pencils from around the globe.

From Berol México we have the Escolar. A part of the global Sanford empire, Berol México continues to use historically important pen and pencil brand names such as Blaisdell and Esterbrook.

Sanford products from México can be found at some […]

Italian Naval Academy red and blue pencils

A curiosity from eBay, this box of Koh-I-Noor 3433 red and blue pencils has a surprise – the pencils are marked Accademia Navale.

I’d love to know the whole story. They certainly are an impressive looking stationery staple.


Seven Argentinian red and blue pencils

Seven red and blue pencils from Argentina. They are:

Eberhard Faber Van Dyke 2000. Note the unusual stripe pattern. Hexagonal, oversized.

Eberhard Faber Hevi-Check 6540. Round.

Johann Faber “Alligator” Copiativo. Round red and blue copying pencil.

Pax bicolor. Hexagonal.

Faber-Castell 737. Hexagonal.

Consul Bicolor. Hexagonal.

Eberhard Faber Van Dyke 2000. Hexagonal, oversized.


Staedtler Tradition 118-2/3 red and blue pencil

The growth of online stores, auctions, and selling forums has resulted in many benefits for pencil end users, including the ability to discover unusual products. Here is an example.

How many people outside of Malaysia knew that Staedtler made a red and blue pencil?

The traditional red and blue format survives, yet I’ll […]

Mitsubishi Vermilion and Prussian Blue pencils

At pencil talk, we love red and blue pencils! But sometimes one needs a red pencil or a blue pencil – not both at once. Or, you’ve found that a double ended pencil gets unusable a bit too quickly. Here is a red/blue pair of very impressive pencils.

Hailing from the venerable Mitsubishi […]

FILA 795 BE Red and Blue Pencil

The FILA 795 BE is contained in a box whose artwork has a simple yet powerful portrait.

The details are striking – the red factory windows, the carefully rendered plumes of smoke, the uber-smokestack that is a red and blue pencil, and FILA’s name in red and blue.