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The Secret Stationers of Toronto

A goal I’ve set in reviving pencil talk is to talk more about all things local – products, retailers, and more. And for me, local now means Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

One of the things I’ve been trying to do is reacquaint myself with local stationers – and I’ve noticed something I find really odd. Stationery […]

We have Stationery Fever

Stationery Fever is a recently published hardcover book that explores the modern stationery scene. The book is lavishly illustrated, and unique in featuring dozens of contributed essays and photos.

Title: Stationery Fever Author: John Z. Komurki Publisher: Prestel Verlag, Munich Format: Hardcover, 208pp ISBN: 978-3-7913-8272-2

The book has nine chapters on stationery subjects (pencils, […]

Tiny Pencil

Tiny Pencil is a self-described “new all-graphite anthology artzine” launched by Amber Hsu in the UK. In my words, it is a fantastic new art magazine which showcases drawings composed with graphite media.

There is a lot of artistic diversity, with realistic and abstract styles, cartoons and classical studies all getting a place of […] “may be compromised”

While performing a search for pencils, it’s hard to not notice the “This site may be compromised” warning that Google displays in the listing:

Though I imagined for a moment that Google might be judging the marketing practices, the notice is merely about a possible malware infection.


Email, etc.

My apologies – I am far behind in responding to email. Further, the router that connected my previous mail server to the net died. It was in this state for some days before corrective action was taken, and messages may have bounced. If your message to me was returned, I did not receive it. Other […]


The blog has taken an unplanned summer hiatus. It will soon be back!