Whitelines isometric graph paper

Isometric graph paper is still manufactured and sold in 2011, and has become an expensive specialty item.

I recall seeing engineering notebooks from decades ago that had isometric patterns, often facing a ruled or blank page. The tasks that require isometric graph paper (along with polar graph paper) long ago transitioned to computer software.

So, let me state that it was an immense surprise to see pads of a new isometric graph paper for sale at a brick and mortar stationer.

Alvin, who might be considered a traditional drafting and engineering supplier, claim isometric graph paper is “Ideal for mechanical drawing or design needs, especially machine design, architecture, and patent office drafting.”

Whitelines, the Swedish stationer known for using white ruling on grey backgrounds, are the creator of this new product, and state that “isometric graph paper helps you visualize ideas and draw in 3D for design, mathematical illustration and just sheer play.” It sounds like a slightly different market segment.

Isometric graph paper

Shown with two of the most technical drawing leadholders I could find: a Caran d’Ache Fixpencil 22 with roughened grip (purchased at Phidon Pens) and a Rotring compass pencil.

Isometric graph paper

I’d like to also see the Alvin paper – it is about the same price per sheet as the Whitelines paper.

Isometric graph paper

The “sheer play” purpose seems just right!