Happy 25th Anniversary to The Pencil Pages!

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Not many websites make it the age of twenty-five. Today, let’s recognize The Pencil Pages, one of the first websites devoted to the woodcase pencil. Author Doug Martin created a website with articles, an often cited (and still not surpassed) directory of pencil manufacturers, photos of pencils, and a classified section.

The classified section at Pencil Pages (still going) was the first online place I’m aware that fostered a basic conversation about pencils, with posters speaking to one another.

Congratulations on this significant anniversary.



The website leadholder.com appears offline. My thanks to blog reader Paul for alerting me.

Leadholder was an online catalogue of thick lead leadholders – but also thin lead mechanical pencils and woodcase pencils devoted to technical drawing. It had a collection of historical catalogs that was a great reference for anyone interested in pencil history. The website was also a technical marvel, having many navigational features that were not commonly available back in 2001.

See also Dave’s Mechanical Pencils, ZossPens, Pencil Pages.