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Red and Blue pencils VI – the Kita-Boshi Vermilion and Prussian Blue 9667 pencil

We’ve seen red and blue pencils from both the US and Europe – and now thanks to the kindness of fellow pencil aficionado isu from the uncomfortable chair, I am able to present some pencils from the estimable Kita-Boshi in Japan.

These aren’t just red and blue pencils – they are vermilion and […]

A great red and blue leadholder at the uncomfortable chair

There is a notable new post over at the uncomfortable chair.

A vintage L. & C. Hardtmuth No. 43B leadholder is featured. One end holds a red lead, and the other a blue lead.

Though unusual, there are other examples of this category. shows a 1948 red and blue Caran d’Ache Fixpencil 33 at […]

Television! (The Conté Television 649 red and blue pencil)

Well, I now have a Conté Television 649 red and blue pencil, as well as three other members of the elite red and blue pencil cadre.

The pencils are the Television 649, made by Conté in France, the RotBlauStift 162 00 from Cretacolor, made in Austria, a Koh-I-Noor 3423, origin unstated, and a Castell […]