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Rating the top Japanese pencils (II).

Continuing our evaluation, we are going to look at two more aspects of the top modern Japanese pencils.

Erasure (10 points) (Line – 5 points, Block – 5 points)

We’ve already established that erasure is a question of at least three factors – pencil, paper, and eraser (there may also be hidden factors like […]

Rating the top Japanese pencils.

One of pencil talk‘s most popular subjects has been Japanese pencils. Made to extremely high standards, these pencils are the preferred working tools of many artists, drafters, and other professionals around the globe. Thanks to the world wide web, it’s now possible for those of us outside Japan to acquire these first rate writing […]


More Pencil Industry news

Courtesy of the Czech Business Weekly, an interesting read on pencils from the home of Koh-I-Noor Hardmuth.

Stationery Magazine

I can’t read much of it, yet it seems to speak very well to many interests of mine.

Red and blue pencils, leadholders, quirky office accessories – they’re all here, and featured prominently.

The magazine is in Japanese, with about 150 glossy pages crammed full of photos of woodcase pencils, mechanical pencils, leadholders, erasers, […]

Pentel Multi8

Mechanical pencils with multiple usable leads can be seen at online auction sites or at the uncomfortable chair, though I have never previously seen one in person.

I also remember school days, when those Bic four colour ballpoints became popular.

My opinion was that they were a gimmick – a solution to no particular […]