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Musgrave Test Scoring 100 pencil

We looked at the famous IBM Electrographic pencil a few months ago.

Other pencils whose marks will be read by machine scanners are still made today.

I am happy to be able to present the Musgrave Test Scoring 100 pencil made by the Musgrave Pencil Co. of Shelbyville, Tennessee.

While the finish […]

Dixon Ticonderoga Laddie and Beginners pencils

Here are a couple of oversize pencils from Dixon – the Laddie and Beginners.

The Beginners in particular seems to make people laugh when they see it. There is definitely something amusing about it. It looks just like a regular Ticonderoga, except that it is round and almost twice the diameter. The Laddie is […]

Munhwa Deojon hi-mic pencil

Nearing the end of an ongoing series on the pencils of Korea, today we’ll look at the Munhwa Deojon hi-mic pencil.

Along with Dong-A and Hankook Sharp, Munhwa is an established Korean pencil manufacturer.

A box of twelve pencils has an unusual silver and purple design, with a classical musical instrument used […]

Lyra Super Ferby Duo red and blue pencil – and more

Here is the first triangular format red and blue pencil I’ve seen.

Oversize, with a 6.25mm diameter lead, this pencil is part of the Lyra Super Ferby Duo lineup of double-ended two colour pencils.

Lyra makes a very wide range of products, but like everything else in their “Ferby” brand, these […]

Pentel Black Polymer 999? (999 alpha) pencil

In our previous review of top Japanese pencils, it was lamented that the Pentel Black Polymer 999? was unavailable. We did review, and have previously looked at, the second tier 999. “Second tier”? The 999 is without doubt one of the finest pencils ever made, so we’ve been extremely curious about what Pentel considers […]

Tombow 2010 pencil

The 2010 is a vintage Tombow pencil. I was lucky enough to be be able to purchase a used box a few years ago, though the box has some tears, and isn’t full.

The writing is entirely in Japanese, and beyond my comprehension. The Tombow dragonfly graphic is wonderful, rendered with great detail.