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Penguin Classics pencils

These novelty pencils match the format of the Penguin Classics series.

Accompanying a Penguin novel, they would make a great back to school gift for a student.


Staedtler Mars rasor & Faber-Castell Perfection 7058

In the far corners of pencildom’s taxonomy we have two extremely interesting (and very retro looking!) woodcased ink erasers with brushes.

Both round, they feature ink eraser cores and crimped ferrules that grasp brushes. The blue bristles of the Mars match that pencil’s finish and have an additional appeal.

The crimped ferrules […]

Knurly: the Rotring 600 mechanical pencil

The Rotring 600 is a cult classic, a metal mechanical drafting pencil with legions of fans. The pencil (and a product line that includes a fountain pen) doesn’t seek to appeal to everyone, and focuses on a technical look rendered in heavyweight brass.

With a hexagonal body and round knurled grip, the […]

Pencil news

How pencils are made – video

My thanks to Huib for these YouTube links – these are by far the best the best videos I’ve seen documenting pencil production.

Staedtler This is from the How it is Made televison show. Staedtler is never mentioned by name.


Another Staedtler video

I found these fascinating. Staedler […]

Papermate Black Pearl eraser

My thanks to Diane for kindly sending me some Black Pearl erasers in June.

Compared to the other black erasers we have looked at, which were all roughly block shape, the Black Pearl is distinguished by a flattened oval shape. Just for this alone, I like it. It is portable, easy to grip, […]

Blackwing 602 pencil

“A pencil that is right some days is no good another day. For example, yesterday, I used a [Blackwing] soft and fine and it floated over the paper just wonderfully. So this morning I try the same kind. They crack on me. Points breaks and all hell is let loose.”

-John Steinbeck on his search […]