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Mitsubishi Jumbo-uni pencil

A special variant of the famous Mitsubishi Uni pencil.

Mitsubishi Jumbo-Uni pencil

The Jumbo-uni is 25cm long and 1cm in diameter!

Mitsubishi Jumbo-Uni pencil

The appearance and markings are generally the same as the regular Uni. Some text is different:

Mitsubishi Jumbo-Uni pencil

It really is Jumbo:
Mitsubishi Jumbo-Uni pencil

Uni pencils mention the company establishment in 1887. “85th anniversary” suggests 1887 + 85 = 1972. Is this pencil really 38 years old? Well done, Mitsubishi Pencil Co.

Mitsubishi Jumbo-Uni pencil

4 comments to Mitsubishi Jumbo-uni pencil

  • Very cool find! Pencils really do have excellent shelf lives.

  • Saumiq

    A long-shot guess. This just might refer to Hirohito’s 85 anniversary which would date the pencil to 1986.

  • Hello,
    You said; “Some text is different” and the photo with three(3) chinese character in bracket(”),
    That chinese characters mean “This is not for sale”.
    So this is some sort of gift from manufacturer, celebrating their annversary, I think.
    Really special !!
    For me, as a Hi-Uni pencil lover, this is great !!

  • Hekoji, thank you for the information!

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