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Tohkin pencil holder

Though Faber-Castell makes a remarkable pencil holder and extender, the market has a good deal of room for less expensive offerings. One of these is the pencil holder from Tohkin.

Tohkin pencil holder

From their website, it appears that Tohkin is a specialty pen clip manufacturer in Japan. This pencil holder seems to be a natural extension of their clip business.

The chromed unit has two extra features that distinguish it from other inexpensive pencil extenders – an adjustable spring loaded clip, and a giant eraser. The clip can be moved up or down the extender barrel. I suspect the eraser could be replaced.

Even the default included pencil is good quality. I would say it is a useful and usable accessory for three dollars and change.

10 comments to Tohkin pencil holder

  • millicent

    Nice – pity that I can’t read the Japanese listing for the item on their site :(


  • David O.

    Interesting. Can you insert the pencil point inside the body like a bullet pencil before it is put in a shirt pocket or is it always exposed? It doesn’t look like you can.

  • Thanks for the comments.

    David, yes, the pencil could be inserted so as to hide the point.

  • David O.

    Yeah, I see that now (forehead smacker). You could simply pull it out and insert it sharpened end first. In comparison, the bullet pencil has the remove part with the pencil always inserted. Still, the pencil holder looks much nicer than most bullet pencils.

  • wch

    Would love to know how to buy one, please.

  • Don Boose

    I have just discovered this website and am delighted to find so many people who enjoy good writing and drawing tools. There is a wealth of knowledge and enjoyable dialogue here.

    Please let us know where the Tohkin pencil holder can be purchased. I have used the old plastic Faber-Castell “Perfect Pencil” holders for years, and loved to give them as gifts, but they seem no longer to be produced and the only F-C holder is the very expensive silver one.

  • Charles Barnes

    Any news on buying these in the U.S.?

  • Gabriellenxe

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