A 2016 post at Pencils and Other Things was my inspiration for visiting Catalinas. More broadly, my preparation for a trip to Uruguay and Argentina greatly benefitted from Sola’s advice.

Catalinas seems to have moved since 2016, and the historical window displays are gone. I would classify it as an art supply store, and a really good one. The building is stunning, at home amidst the fantastic architecture of Buenos Aires.

I am glad they are still in business. I bought a mixed grade set of woodcase Noris pencils, which I gather have been reintroduced in WOPEX.

For anyone seeking more of a paper focused stationer, I would recommend Papelera Contemporánea in the San Telmo neighbourhood:

And if you want to visit a bookstore, El Ateneo Grand Splendid is considered one of the most beautiful. I was amazed: