Tortoise Lead Pointer


Tortoise Lead Pointer

Image used courtesy of isu at the uncomfortable chair.

The Tortoise Lead Pointer is a remarkable all-in-one unit for blade sharpening of leads. It can handle:

1.18mm: Traditional mechanical pencils (pre-1950?), and today, Yard-O-Led, some Autopoint, and some Retro 51 pencils.

2.0mm: A standard lead diameter.

3.15mm: A standard lead diameter.

3.8mm: Less common – used by the Pilot Croquis, and some Koh-I-Noor models.

5.6mm: A standard lead diameter.

Two sharpening angles are offered for 2.0mm leads.

I like the playful name, the design, and the focus on the leadholder culture. Though there are individual sharpeners and lead pointers on the market, I have never seen such an all-in-one unit. I look forward to getting one.

The product can be purchased at

The design behind the product is thanks to U5 Architects Unit.

Please see the review and additional photos at the uncomfortable chair.