The Staple-less “Stapler”

The Staple-less “Stapler” may not be an accurate name. It is a small paper binder that makes small cuts and folds in two or more paper sheets, creating a tucked loop that holds the sheets together.

The main negatives I can see are that it isn’t good for too many sheets, and it isn’t as permanent as a stapler. But on the plus side, it won’t cut your finger, it doesn’t need staples or any other type of refill, there is no rust on your documents after time, and it’s cheap, lightweight, and portable. What’s not to like?

I got one a few months ago, and have found it to be a reliable and useful desk accessory. It is perfect for quickly attaching a few pages.

Faber-Castell Design Pencil

Faber-Castell has released a “Design Pencil” that is indeed the embodiment of design.

It is a fantastically good looking black triangular pencil, with black dyed wood. Like it’s elder cousin, the Grip 2001, it has raised dots on the side, though here they are smaller and beneath the surface paint. Markings are thankfully kept to a minimum, with only “Faber-Castell” and a small logo written on one side in grey.

In a B grade, it is very pleasant to hold and use. The lead is very strong and non-crumbling.

While I like Nava‘s pencils for appearance, this new creation has again demonstrated Faber-Castell’s industry leadership and ability to keep taking pencil design and presentation to higher levels.