Faber-Castell Design Pencil

Faber-Castell has released a “Design Pencil” that is indeed the embodiment of design.

It is a fantastically good looking black triangular pencil, with black dyed wood. Like it’s elder cousin, the Grip 2001, it has raised dots on the side, though here they are smaller and beneath the surface paint. Markings are thankfully kept to a minimum, with only “Faber-Castell” and a small logo written on one side in grey.

In a B grade, it is very pleasant to hold and use. The lead is very strong and non-crumbling.

While I like Nava‘s pencils for appearance, this new creation has again demonstrated Faber-Castell’s industry leadership and ability to keep taking pencil design and presentation to higher levels.

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  1. I cant seem to find this pencil anywhere on the net even at the faber-castel homepage which has the original grip 2001. can you direct me to a source for this. btw is this the NEW blackwind 602 ???

  2. AAaaah shit!!!!……I just picked up 3 of these pencils, a couple of grip 2001’s and a pack of NAVA’s (black laquered). THats dat ISHT right thurr. YO its official the Faber-Castell “Design Pencil” is my OFFICIAL pencil while the “Ohto Super Promecha” is my OFFICIAL mechanical pencil. Thanks penciladmin for the hookup for that store although its $1.90 CAD including tax a pencil. Then again your japanese connect is hitting me up @$2.08 CAD a pencil for a box (12) each of Kita-Boshi , Mitsubishi, Tombow, and Pentel including shipping so it all comes out alright. But I couldnt find the Lyra FIRBY and the NOBLOT anywhere nor the blue staetdler mars art. 150 and 151. anyways beside the Dixon Tri-Conderoga , the Mongol Trio and regular Mongol’s what other domestic brand pencils are their? whats the equivalent to the “Design Pencil” from Germany and the “Tombow mono 100” from Japan.
    well any ways laters.
    P.S. My next target is the F-C TK Fine Vario mechanical pencil $18.50 CAD inc. tax

  3. Thanks, I’ll read that as an enthusiastic endorsement!

    They have Ferbys at State of the Art Supplies. Search online for the noblot. Staedtler 150 and 151? Sorry, no idea.

    High end North American pencils? While there are good pencils (like the Musgrave Natural), I’m not aware of a currently made high-end pencil.

  4. Well, it seems you North-Americans are way ahead… I have never heard before of this one, not to mention that I haven’t seen it anywhere around here in Berlin.

  5. Wow. Klaus, it’s unbelievable that you cannot find it in Germany. That pencil can be easily found even in far-east country.

  6. Well, finally I got two of these yesterday at a stationery in Berlin-Charlottenburg for – only (!)- 1,70 Euros each which is currently 2,45 US Dollars …

  7. Does anyone know where one might get these beauties in the States? The FC website says they’re $24 for a dozen, but you can’t buy them at the site.

  8. Hi Chris, try this:


    It’s a poor photo, but the slats appear to be dyed black (as can be seen at the business end of the pencil) so I am quite confident this is the particular model you are looking for. The blister packs of six are not the same pencil–the slats are not dyed and the ergonomics involve ridges, not dots. Apparently the pencil you seek is available only as a single at $2.50 a pop. Get ’em while they’re hot :>))).

  9. In the UK you can now get these at Cult Pens www,cultpens.com

    I’ve said that before haven’t I? No, I don’t have any connection with the them – except as a customer.

  10. Beautiful “Design Pencil”, I love Black color.
    If you still have some… I´m curious, does “Summer take a toll” on these too?
    May be not because the dots “are smaller and beneath the surface paint” so this could be an improvement for their Grips but it´s difficult since the Grip is gray contrasted with external, over paint black dots. I think the smaller dots most be made like this because if they were “standard” maybe when the bare woodcased pencil passes through the laquering head, i.e. painting device, the head remove these dots. I’ve been browsing the web searching for them and the pictures that I´ve seen show that they don’t have ferrule, are these on this post ferruled?

  11. I just came across this photo and this page. These pencils are awesome! Are there any left and where can I buy them?

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