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Question: pencil for photo paper

I just received an interesting question. Can anyone help? The question is:

What type of pencil would be ideal for writing on the back of glossy photo paper?

The individual is hoping to avoid using a pen.


Staedtler Mars Ergosoft 150 Pencil

There aren’t a great number of modern pencil usage innovations. Pencils are already fairly evolved – most ideas have probably been tried at some time. The exterior dots on the Grip 2001 are one notable excellent advance. Another, also in the grip/hold area, is the Staedtler Mars Ergosoft.

Though the triangular shape might […]

Graf von Faber-Castell Ersatzradiergummi, also known as one mighty fine eraser.

There are erasers, and then there are erasers. Once again, the Graf von Faber-Castell line exceeds expectations. An elegant white vinyl eraser with ribbing that matches their pencil line (and sharpeners), the eraser looks good as is. With a silver-plate cover, it becomes a must have object for pencil lovers. The eraser is in […]