Question: pencil for photo paper

I just received an interesting question. Can anyone help? The question is:

What type of pencil would be ideal for writing on the back of glossy photo paper?

The individual is hoping to avoid using a pen.


Staedtler Mars Ergosoft 150 Pencil

Staedtler Mars Ergosoft 150 Pencil

There aren’t a great number of modern pencil usage innovations. Pencils are already fairly evolved – most ideas have probably been tried at some time. The exterior dots on the Grip 2001 are one notable excellent advance. Another, also in the grip/hold area, is the Staedtler Mars Ergosoft.

Though the triangular shape might catch the eye, this pencil’s most interesting aspect is it’s rubbery grip exterior. Some people who’ve tried it out instantly like it. The ease of grip may allow those who tend to clench writing utensils, to relax just a bit.

Combined with the triangular shape, the Ergosoft (notice the name?) is clearly engineered to be a very comfortable and easy to use pencil.

The lead is first rate, as one would expect from Staedtler, and despite the HB grading of the version I tried, more like the 2B of most manufacturers.

With a lower price than other quality pencils, from either Staedtler or others, I certainly recommend trying them out.

Graf von Faber-Castell Ersatzradiergummi, also known as one mighty fine eraser.

Graf Von Faber-Castell Ersatzradiergummi
There are erasers, and then there are erasers. Once again, the Graf von Faber-Castell line exceeds expectations. An elegant white vinyl eraser with ribbing that matches their pencil line (and sharpeners), the eraser looks good as is. With a silver-plate cover, it becomes a must have object for pencil lovers.
Graf Von Faber-Castell Ersatzradiergummi
The eraser is in the typical shape – a three dimensional parallelogram. (Those with recollections of high school geometry can assist me if there is a more precise name.) The ribbing is lengthwise, and it’s a nice weight for such an object. With the cover (which looks engravable), it becomes even nicer.
Graf Von Faber-Castell Ersatzradiergummi
I’ve been using some soft lead vintage pencils this weekend, and this eraser removes even very dark lines with aplomb. The residue is unusually fine, which may not be ideal depending on the circumstance in which it is used.
Graf Von Faber-Castell Ersatzradiergummi
Overall, it’s a functional, creative and elegant rendition of a stationery staple.