Staedtler Mars Ergosoft 150 Pencil


Staedtler Mars Ergosoft 150 Pencil

There aren’t a great number of modern pencil usage innovations. Pencils are already fairly evolved – most ideas have probably been tried at some time. The exterior dots on the Grip 2001 are one notable excellent advance. Another, also in the grip/hold area, is the Staedtler Mars Ergosoft.

Though the triangular shape might catch the eye, this pencil’s most interesting aspect is it’s rubbery grip exterior. Some people who’ve tried it out instantly like it. The ease of grip may allow those who tend to clench writing utensils, to relax just a bit.

Combined with the triangular shape, the Ergosoft (notice the name?) is clearly engineered to be a very comfortable and easy to use pencil.

The lead is first rate, as one would expect from Staedtler, and despite the HB grading of the version I tried, more like the 2B of most manufacturers.

With a lower price than other quality pencils, from either Staedtler or others, I certainly recommend trying them out.

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  1. I love your blog. I like your comments on the Mitsubishi Hi-uni, palmino, and other quality pencils that you’ve reviewed. The Hi-uni is now my favorite pencil after trying them out due to your photos. But as for these Ergosoft pencils, how durable is the rubbery exterior. I read in another review somewhere that they weren’t too durable.

  2. Wazo, thanks for your compliments.

    The ergosoft – I recently acquired these pencils, and don’t really don’t know how durable the exterior is. That’s a good point! Thanks for your post.

  3. Guess, these pencils failed to grab a slice of the American market for they are getting virtually impossible to find in the USA. By chance I got a few sketching packs from a clearance table at Staples, and the pencils actually are really quite nice and comfortable to use.

  4. They’re fairly common where I live, and actually they were my first introduction to Staedtler pencils. I’m a bit ambivalent though, since they’re often right next to less-expensive Mitsubishi 9800s, of which I like the lead a bit more.

    They are indeed very comfortable, though I do wish they were a little heavier. They’re also one of my favorite pencils aesthetically. I rarely ever reach for them, though.

  5. They are for sure above the average (not as good as lumograph, tho).

    The real problem for me is that, after an afternoon of heavy usage taking notes, they left a lot of blue “paint” (i guess that the soft material they are covered with is mixed to the color) on my fingers. Quite annoying.

  6. Hey – I just received some Staedtler Noris ergosoft pencils and I love them – was ordering some things from and decided on a whim to get three of these and I really like them. Any reviews on these forthcoming? I would love to hear your thoughts.

    Great website – continue to enjoy watching it.

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