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Clairefontaine novelty pencil

Readers of this blog know that we like the serious stuff, and don’t typically mention novelty or advertising pencils. But we’ll make an exception for this pencil from Clairefontaine, possibly (probably?) made in Japan. It matches a Clairefontaine notebook set. In another way, it also matches the Rhodia pencil, coming from the same corporate […]

Remake Mini Notebook – Cool Retro Style.

I saw a picture of this notebook at Notebookism, and decided to order one.

It’s great! It’s a heavy duty cardboard cover, with sewn pages from a variety of reused paper sources, heavy on the graph paper and accounting styles. It fastens with a rubber band.

I keep a Zebra mechanical pencil clipped to […]

World’s Best Pencil – Guatanteed.

The Dixon Ticonderoga is a staple. It’s one of the oldest and most distinguished names in the American pencil industry. It’s also now made in China.

Some fear a decline in quality. But what are they worried about? Check the back of the package:


Kum Automatic Longpoint Sharpener

The Kum Automatic Longpoint Sharpener (Automatic Langkonus Spitzer in German) is definitely known on the net. It’s often touted as being one of the best sharpeners made today.

After trying it myself, I felt that what I had previously read and heard didn’t really communicate how the Longpoint works. I doubt I’m alone, […]

Nightjar Books found paper notebook

This is a notebook made from found and reused paper. It’s an absolute delight because of the whimsical paper choices – the pages have surprise bits of poems and illustrations.

There is a downside – it falls into the category of being so nice that you don’t want to use it. And […]

Pastellini – a tin of colour!

Pastellini is a set of 98 small colour pencils housed in a cylindrical tin, made by Seletti in Italy.

The tin has a lid with a clear cutout to see the many colourful pencils.

The pencils are quite small and round – making them more of an amusement than a practical tool. Still, […]