Pastellini – a tin of colour!

Pastellini Colour Pencils
Pastellini is a set of 98 small colour pencils housed in a cylindrical tin, made by Seletti in Italy.

The tin has a lid with a clear cutout to see the many colourful pencils.

Pastellini Colour Pencils

The pencils are quite small and round – making them more of an amusement than a practical tool. Still, they look great, and really brighten up a desk.

There aren’t 98 different colours – there is considerable duplication. And the leads are quite waxy, with weak colours.
Pastellini Colour Pencils

They were $11.95 at a bookstore. That’s about 12 cents a pencil!

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  1. Hi Tracie, Try a Google search for “Pastellini” with “English results only” selected. There are a few places selling them, though they weren’t among the first few results when I tried this search.

  2. hi i’m from belgium and last year, i went to barcelona with some friend. they sell the pencils in the artstore of the MACBA, barcelona’s museam for contemporary art

  3. I found a barely-used tin of these at my local Goodwill for .99$CAN and I just HAD to buy them. I knew nothing about them, but I just thought that they would look fantastic somewhere around my drawing table!

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